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Mea Culpa: What My Generation Of Integrated Care Leaders Ignored

Neftali Serrano

5 Minute Read. As a seasoned professional in integrated care, I’ve been part of a pioneering generation that sought to blend medical and behavioral health services to improve patient outcomes, particularly with the advent of the Primary Care Behavioral Health service delivery model (PCBH). Reflecting on this journey, it’s clear that while we’ve made significant […]

The #1 Reason Why Integrated Health Care Teams Lose Mental Health Clinicians To Online Therapy Companies

Neftali Serrano

By Neftali Serrano, PsyD, 2 Minute Read In recent years, the struggle to retain and recruit behavioral health providers has intensified within primary care. A closer examination of this trend reveals a significant underlying cause: the selection bias rooted in the mental health provider training process. This bias not only shapes the career preferences of […]

Integrated Care Framed with a Social Mission and Accountability

5 minute read The behavioral health field is failing to fulfill one of its essential social roles.  Our main function is to help people resolve behavioral health issues, but our longstanding inability to make care accessible diminishes our social value.  This is an issue of equity.  People should be able to access behavioral care as […]

Thinking Makes it Richer: Why the Pursuit of Deep Thought is Education’s Greatest Reward

3 minute read Having recently completed the coursework for a doctoral degree in behavioral health, I find myself reflecting on what that means, beyond any benefits to career advancement. Life is the greatest ocean of unknowns any of us will experience. We are thrust into it, unprepared except for the guidance of our parents, and […]

Integrating Social Medicine: Are We Ready to Evolve?

Matthew P. Martin

5 minute read Is the Healthcare System Ready? Our current integrated care models break down silos between physical and behavioral health, allowing for comprehensive screening, warm handoffs, care coordination, and streamlined referrals. Many patients, though, have unmet social, material, AND behavioral health needs. Here are some examples. •           A 40-year-old man experiencing homelessness struggles to […]

Running Down a Dream: MFTs Step into the Medicare Spotlight

Matthew P. Martin

5 minute read The following post will include some slight navel gazing and somewhat excessive contemplation of one particular license group. I hope the reader will indulge me. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). My doctoral training is in medical family therapy. I graduated from the same master’s program as my dad, […]

Peer-Reviewed Research from Families, Systems, & Health

The field of integrated care is exploding and this is the place to keep pace. Our journal, Family, Systems & Health, gives you the latest innovations in the science behind the work. CFHA members get full-text access to the journal as part of their membership.

Binge-Worthy TV (if you are an integrated care nerd)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel covering the world of primary care behavioral health with webinars and presentations on a variety of healthcare topics related to team-based, integrated and collaborative models of healthcare delivery.

This channel is dedicated to promoting behavioral health integration into primary care in hopes of fortifying and strengthening the system as a whole. Through interviews, role-plays, intervention metaphors, and videos alike, primary care team members of all disciplines can learn the ins and outs of working efficiently and effectively within the primary care system. Additionally, the channel highlights contextual-based behavioral interventions (e.g., focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [fACT]) commonly used in primary care. Dr. Bauman produces these videos in collaboration with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association.

The Integrated Care Podcast

Listen in as our experts discuss timely topics in the world of integrated care. Part education, part entertainment, this podcast aims to keep you infomed and engaged as we reimagine the universe of healthcare.

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