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How widespread is integrated care?

Neftali Serrano

5 Minute Read This is a first. To our knowledge no systematic effort to account for the number of practices providing integrated behavioral health services in the United States has been undertaken, other than efforts to identify colocated providers in a geographical space. To be sure the data collected has its limitations and this blog […]

Pediatric Patient Engagement During A Pandemic

5 minute read Greetings, CFHA! My name is Norma Balli-Borrero, and this is my very first post as a newly minted member of the CFHA Blog Writing Team. My posts will center around being a BHC and research assistant working in Pediatrics. Some of my posts will be based on my own personal experience, while […]

Shell Shocked: Psychological implications for those working on COVID’s front lines

3 minute read As COVID-19 progresses into its ninth month, there is growing concern about long-term psychological consequences for frontline workers, and their inability to self-monitor. Shell shock was a term first used during World War I to describe psychological trauma among soldiers who had served on the front lines. Researchers observing symptoms such as […]

A Tool for Medical Providers to Evaluate Family Functioning

3 minute read Reprint. Original post available here. Family functioning is one way to measure how a family meets its physical and psychological needs; in other words, it quantifies the family’s emotional environment1,2. Family functioning has been found to be associated with chronic physical and mental illness in children3–6; however, family functioning is not consistently […]

Survey Says: Maybe Don’t Screen So Much?

Matthew P. Martin

5 minute read Several years ago, I did an audit of PHQ-9 scores in our clinic and noticed that the total scores did not always match the individual item scores. Nurse, I need a calculator, stat. At the time, my team took a universal, paper-based screening approach for depression: patient answers questions on a clipboard; […]

We Can End Racism In Our House

Neftali Serrano

5 Minute Read There is a necessary connection between our work in integrating behavioral health and medicine and the work of rooting out racism in health care. That connection lies at the root of what those of us who call ourselves champions of integrated care are doing: we are reforming a fragmented and too-often ineffective […]

Peer-Reviewed Research from Families, Systems, & Health

The field of integrated care is exploding and this is the place to keep pace. Our journal, Family, Systems & Health, gives you the latest innovations in the science behind the work.

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CFHA Webinar: Family Caregiver Stress: How to Measure it and Why
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