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“Your Costco Provider is Ready to See You”: When Mental Health Goes Retail

5 minute read Most people wouldn’t think of  CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart or Costco as their primary care home.  Even fewer would consider these retailers as their behavioral health provider location.  However, each of these retail giants is reaching for larger portions of the health care marketplace to supplement their core business.   Consumers, frustrated […]

2023 CFHA Conference Plenary Panel: A Discussion on Social Determinants of Health

Matthew P. Martin

7 minute read The panel discussion took place on Thursday 19 October 2023 at the CFHA Annual Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The following questions were given by the moderator, Sentari Minor (EvolvedMD). Other panelists included Pedro Cons (CEO, Adelante Healthcare), Gabriel Jaramillo (Vitalyst Foundation), and Crystal Heiligenthal (Physician Assistant, HonorHealth). I am including only my […]

Redefining the Gun Debate: A Fresh Perspective on Safety and Mental Health

3 minute read In the ongoing gun debate, one side sees guns as tools for self-defense, while the other sees them as instruments of harm. Both perspectives hold truths, but as gun-related incidents continue to rise, this discussion has reached a fevered pitch. Increasingly, mental illness is proposed as the root cause of gun violence […]

Advancing Success in PCBH: A Framework for the Adoption of Measurement-Based Care

Matthew P. Martin

4 minute read In our first blog post on March 3rd, 2023, we reported on efforts by the Primary Care Behavioral Health Special Interest Group (PCBH SIG) to advance the understanding of screening and outcome measurement in demonstrating the value of the integrated model of service delivery. Since that time a Measurement-Based Care (MBC) workgroup […]

Unlocking Mental Health Access: The Power of Integrated Behavioral Health Care Response to Washington Post article

4 minute read When it comes to health insurance, we often forget about the importance of mental health coverage. But the reality is that accessing mental health services can be a daunting task. Limited coverage and difficulty reaching behavioral health care services can leave people feeling helpless and trapped in a cycle of poor mental […]

Peer-Reviewed Research from Families, Systems, & Health

The field of integrated care is exploding and this is the place to keep pace. Our journal, Family, Systems & Health, gives you the latest innovations in the science behind the work. CFHA members get full-text access to the journal as part of their membership.

Binge-Worthy TV (if you are an integrated care nerd)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel covering the world of primary care behavioral health with webinars and presentations on a variety of healthcare topics related to team-based, integrated and collaborative models of healthcare delivery.

This channel is dedicated to promoting behavioral health integration into primary care in hopes of fortifying and strengthening the system as a whole. Through interviews, role-plays, intervention metaphors, and videos alike, primary care team members of all disciplines can learn the ins and outs of working efficiently and effectively within the primary care system. Additionally, the channel highlights contextual-based behavioral interventions (e.g., focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [fACT]) commonly used in primary care. Dr. Bauman produces these videos in collaboration with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association.

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Listen in as our experts discuss timely topics in the world of integrated care. Part education, part entertainment, this podcast aims to keep you infomed and engaged as we reimagine the universe of healthcare.

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