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Teaching Clinicians at the National Level: My Experience with the STFM Addiction Medicine Project

Matthew P. Martin

4 minute read Every week I receive solicitations in my physical mailbox for clinical trainings on a variety of topics like trauma-informed care, grief counseling, mindfulness, and more. They never stop coming! I wonder who sent these companies my address. These trainings are usually live or recorded webinars with handouts, sometimes with a well-known expert […]

The Integrated Care Map Turns Three!

Neftali Serrano

Three years ago the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association (CFHA) set out to report on the spread of integrated care across the United States primary care system. Our initial report on findings in 2020 elicited interesting findings on the breadth and types of care being provided. Here we provided updated data which appears to demonstrate greater […]

Measuring Success in PCBH: Results from a Workgroup on Behavioral Health Screening

Matthew P. Martin

3 minute read In spring 2022, CFHA CEO Neftali Serrano approached the Primary Care Behavioral Health Special Interest Group (PCBH SIG) to begin the work of catalyzing standardized outcomes for measuring success in a PCBH environment. This invitation was warmly received as the role of the PCBH SIG is to grow interest and enthusiasm, provide […]

CFHA Conducts First-Ever Behavioral Health Workforce in Integrated Care Salary Survey

Matthew P. Martin

Neftali Serrano, CEO of CFHA, first approached me in late 2021 to design and distribute a salary survey to the integrated care workforce. I looked at my overloaded plate and thought, “This is too good to pass up”. So, I made room on the plate. As an educator, I’ve been involved in workforce projects for […]

Can Religion and Spirituality Help with Managing Chronic Pain?

Original post available here Our current medical system derives largely from the biomedical model, which focuses on physical causes for disease. The more recent bio-psychosocial model posits that other factors, including your emotional state, support system (friends and family), and the environment also play a role, both in the development of disease and its prognosis. […]

Peer-Reviewed Research from Families, Systems, & Health

The field of integrated care is exploding and this is the place to keep pace. Our journal, Family, Systems & Health, gives you the latest innovations in the science behind the work. CFHA members get full-text access to the journal as part of their membership.

Binge-Worthy TV (if you are an integrated care nerd)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel covering the world of primary care behavioral health with webinars and presentations on a variety of healthcare topics related to team-based, integrated and collaborative models of healthcare delivery.

This channel is dedicated to promoting behavioral health integration into primary care in hopes of fortifying and strengthening the system as a whole. Through interviews, role-plays, intervention metaphors, and videos alike, primary care team members of all disciplines can learn the ins and outs of working efficiently and effectively within the primary care system. Additionally, the channel highlights contextual-based behavioral interventions (e.g., focused Acceptance and Commitment Therapy [fACT]) commonly used in primary care. Dr. Bauman produces these videos in collaboration with the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association.

The Integrated Care Podcast

Listen in as our experts discuss timely topics in the world of integrated care. Part education, part entertainment, this podcast aims to keep you infomed and engaged as we reimagine the universe of healthcare.

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